Re: Fluke person of the year

Surprise surprise, the little moron who thinks the government has the right to take the money my wife and I earn for our family and use it to pay for her sex life is on the Liberal Time magazine short list for person of the year.

Let’s get something straight right now. I don’t think this girl is a moron for having sex. I think she is a moron for begging the government to force me and my family to pay for her sex life.

If the moron or the so called man/men she is screwing can’t afford to pay for their private sex life then maybe they should spend more time looking for a job and less time screwing.

I am truly sick and tired of you Libs thinking my wife and I have to support your’s and/or someone else’s sex lives.

You Libs keep crying about it being your body and what you do with it is private and for you to do with as you please. Well I agree, but for some reason when it comes time to pay for the consequences you seem to want it to be a public matter.

Again, I agree with you that it is YOUR body and your choice to do as you please; I just wish you could remember that when it comes time to pay for your private acts and reach into your own private pockets.
You want a private sex life then pay for it with your own private funds. You want to donate your money to the little morons of America then donate YOUR money; be my guest.

But, stop trying to tell my wife and I that we have to sweat and labor for your little crusade of supplying contraception and elective sterilization and abortions to the little morons like Sandra Fluke who you hold up as mentors. (And I’m not even discussing the religious aspect of making a Catholic pay for this which is uncostitutional)

The daughters of this country were once taught to be STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMEN. Now they are being taught to be WEAK DEPENDENT begging leeches.

This post is directed at the little morons who claim their sex lives are private, but want the public to pay for it and anyone who thinks these people have the right to leech onto my wife and I and suck the finances from our family.

I repeat, you want your private sex life, good for you. I want your sex life to be private too. So STOP dragging my family into it; pay for it with your own private funds.
(((News Flash))) The government DOES NOT have any money so when they say they are giving something to someone for free it means they are stealing money from the those that are busting their asses to feed, clothe, and house their own families.

And those of you that agree with me but allow yourselves to be silenced, for fear of retribution or losing your job or losing friends or for being shamed, well that makes you just as culpable as the weak dependent begging leeches teaching our children to be weak dependent begging leeches.

It’s time to take the shame off the backs of the producers and put it back where it belongs on the backs of the leeches.¬† There is a BIG difference between those that need and those that want.

I for one am sick and tired of watching our children being turned into the dependent leeches we see burning the down the streets of Europe.
Tom Maerling

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