Comparing Heaney and Faso in CD19

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If you are voting for Faso because Heaney gave to Obama then you are entitled to know Faso’s money went to the coffers of the most 2nd Amendment hating politicians in this country. The facts and links are below.


I am a Republican town chairman and not speaking for my committee. I constantly fight for our rights and believe we are failing in our duty to pass on our liberties to our children. I consider myself an American before a Republican and, if ever need be, will speak out against members of my own party as quickly as I would any other if I feel they support or encourage the suppression or erosion of our liberties. I never have and never will put the party before the people’s liberties.

I have been called numerous times by John Faso and Andrew Heaney and asked to endorse them. I have chosen to support Andrew Heaney. I personally called John Faso and told him I would be supporting Heaney. In the same phone call I also told John if he (John) wins the primary that I will then help him beat Teachout – if he wants my help.

I am not writing this to smear John Faso. It is to lay out some facts and links so you are more fully informed about what some consider their controversial contributions. In addition it is an explanation as to why I’m supporting Andrew Heaney first and John Faso second.

I am not being compensated for my support of Andrew Heaney in any way, shape, or form.

Here are two links for the Federal Elections Commission that show where the Faso and Heaney money went.

The 1st shows which candidates the Golden State Political action Committee (GSPAC) supports with the money they raise. Since 1997 GSPAC money continuously went to the most anti-2A and anti-Constitution politicians in our country. People like Dianne Feinstein, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Henry Waxman, Barbara Boxer, and many more including Barak Obama’s Senate Campaign.

The 2nd link will take you to the Federal Elections Commission page where you can type in Faso and Heaney’s names and see the contributions I speak of.

Type in Heaney, Andrew and it will show, among all his other donations, Andrew Heaney gave to Obama and then also to McCain in the same election cycle.

Type in Faso, John and it will show, among all his other donations, how for 10 straight years (2003-2012) John Faso fed the coffers of Feinstein, Pelosi, Reid, Waxman, Boxer, and other anti-2A and anti-America politicians via his donations to Golden State Political Action Committee (GSPAC). Click on the GSPAC link while in John’s name and it will take you to the page my 1st link took you to with all the politicians GSPAC supports.

They both did things with their money I never would have done with mine, so I actually consider the donation issue to be a wash. The one difference is Andrew readily admits and takes responsibility for his actions while John denies and deflects responsibility for his.

Andrew’s excuse is he fed Obama’s coffers because he did not want Hillary anywhere near the White House and that he thought McCain would have a better shot at beating Obama in the general election than beating Hillary. The FEC filings point to him telling the truth.

John’s excuse is he says he didn’t give money to those anti-2A politicians because “he didn’t give it to them directly.”

So, John takes no responsibility for filling their coffers so long as he gives it to somebody else to put it in their coffers for him.

John’s other excuse is even though John took his pen and his check book and wrote a check directly to GSPAC he claims it wasn’t his choice. He says his law firm [b]”expected”[/b] him to give to the GSPAC.

In the end, John actually gave more than twice as much ($5,360) to the coffers of anti-2A politicians as Andrew did ($2,300) to Obama. Unlike Andrew, John refuses to take responsibility for his actions.

Why I’m going with Heaney in the primary.

To be clear: Either of these two candidates will be better than Zephyr Teachout in the general election and I will be going out to help whichever of them wins the primary election. But, I am going with Heaney over Faso for the following:

1 – John is a career politician/lobbyist/lawyer and I’ve been preaching for years we need to remove them from both our state and federal legislative houses. The cronyism and buddy system has to be broken up. I told John Faso that I preach to everyone about replacing career politicians with outsiders and he fits the definition of career politician so I am choosing Heaney over him at this point because, out of the two, I consider Heaney to be the furthest from the inside.

2 – Among other things,

  • I believe Andrew will stand strong and fight against the wrongs, no matter the party, on the federal level the same way I would at my own level.
  • I have no doubt that Andrew Heaney will not waiver in his duty to defend the 2nd Amendment.
  • He believes in term limits and will limit himself to 3 terms (6 years).
  • He will not use congressional healthcare unless it matches the garbage every other American is mandated to have.
  • He does not believe our elected representatives should be getting better healthcare than our veterans.
  • He thinks all congress members should be forced to use the VA healthcare system because then they will trip over one another to fix it and our veterans will finally get the healthcare they really deserve.
  • He believes once a politician retires they should be banned for life from lobbying.
  • He will not accept a congressional pension and doesn’t feel any of them deserve one after serving just 5 years in office.

3 – Because he is not a career politician I believe Heaney has the better chance of beating their presumptive opponent, Zephyr Teachout, in November. The Democrat-Socialist, Zephyr Teachout, played the anti-establishment card against Cuomo and will have a field day playing it against John Faso. She cannot do that with Heaney because he is the anti-establishment and he has never been a politician himself. He was a little league coach and is a volunteer fireman. He destroys their “typical politician”, anti-establishment game plan.

4 – I don’t agree with or accept John Faso’s answer that he had to give to the GSPAC because his law firm expected him to. I don’t agree or accept his answer that he’s not responsible for where the money went because he didn’t give it directly. My take is that I would quit my job before I allowed my boss to force me to give to any anti-2A/anti-America politicians. I feel he should’ve refused support this PAC and then told his bosses to find an America friendly PAC for him to give to. John disagreed with me that he should’ve stood up to his bosses and disagrees he did anything wrong funding GSPAC.

5 – Andrew Heaney’s claim that he gave to Obama specifically because he wanted Hillary stopped at all costs and he thought McCain was better able to beat Obama is confirmed by his donation patterns. I don’t agree with or accept his strategy, but anyone involved in a group or club knows it is a reality that group members believe in different strategies for reaching the same goal.

6 – If Faso thinks Heaney is unfit to serve because he gave $2,300 to Obama then he should think himself unfit for giving $5,360 to GSPAC which funds the likes of Feinstein, Waxman, Pelosi, Reid, and others

7 – Bonus: As a business owner, Heaney knows first hand, and will fight to end, the havoc being wreaked on businesses not only in NYS, but across the country by overreaching rules and regulations.

Tom Maerling