Gun Owners of America: Call to Action

Gun Owners of America call to action. 5 pro-gun amendments up for votes. Contact your 2 State Senators ask them to support them.

Anybody can call the U.S.Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and ask for your senator’s office or:

 ———– if you live in New York State their contact:———-

Gillibrand, Kirsten E. (202) 224-4451


478 Russell Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510


Schumer, Charles E. (202) 224-6542


322 Hart Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510

 All other states click this link and choose your senators for full contact information.

GOA call to action


Death Toll Will Rise While Law Abiding Americans Are Scapegoated.

March 15th 2014
Ed. March 15th, 2015

A message to the peoples representatives,

In America we do not punish any one citizen or group of citizens for the crimes committed by others. Yet, that is precisely what is going on across America today with the seemingly endless rules, regulations, and laws being implemented against law abiding Americans who wish to exercise and enjoy their “RIGHT” to keep and bear arms.

If you do not like the 2nd Amendment and you feel it is at fault for the crimes of mass/multiple murders committed by Americans then amend the Constitution of the United States and be done with it. Article V of the U.S. Constitution will explain this procedure to you. Until then you do not circumvent it or, shall we say, INFRINGE upon it with rules, regulations, and/or laws that punish Americans who have COMMITTED NO CRIMES and who own firearms which have ASSAULTED NO PERSONS.

Please do not pretend punishment only exists when doled out by a judge and therefore, law abiding citizens will not be punished. Three, but not all, examples of punishment are as follows.

1. Punishment is leaving Americans without the proper amount of ammunition to protect their families or themselves.
*NOTE: If you cannot limit the number of home invaders or muggers that attack Americans at any one time then you should never contemplate limiting the amount of ammunition decent Americans need/have to protect their families and themselves.

2. Punishment is the creation of financial roadblocks. E.g.- Levying fees/taxes that inhibit Americans from securing either firearms or ammunition due to their financial status. *If you insist on violating Americans constitutional rights by creating these financial roadblocks then you should pay for them for those who cannot afford them. Surely a constitutional right should be subsidized before corporate goods, like cell phones, are subsidized.

3. Punishment is telling Americans that their firearms – they legally own and have never used in a crime- are suddenly illegal because a human being, having no connection to them, using a firearm, having no connection to theirs, committed a crime. *Put your energy into ending the crimes by going after the actual criminals and the actual firearms used in the crimes.

Bottom line is you do not have the right to punish law abiding Americans with your rules, regulations, and laws simply because you are too cowardly, flat out unwilling, or honorably incapable of fixing the real problems by going after the ACTUAL criminal and the root causes.

I will leave you with these two tips. Tip 1- Next time you’re about to vote on some form of legislation ask yourself this: “Did this particular group of people we are punishing with our new rule, regulation, or law actually do anything wrong?” When the answer is “No” Then you know you are punishing law abiding citizens for the actions of others if you vote yes.

Tip 2 – The problem is NOT the 2nd Amendment,  it is the social engineering gone awry. The true problems lie within the endless social programs that are teaching our children they do not need to be responsible for themselves. They are told they are equal to their peers -whether they strive as hard or not-. They are led to believe they deserve whatever their fellow citizens have -whether they earn it or not-. They are taught that there are no winners or losers-when in fact there are. Then one day when the truth sets in and there is something they want, but nobody is there to hand it to them, as they’ve now been conditioned to expect, they explode like spoiled little brats.

Add doctor prescribed drugs (psychotropic medications) to the mix and boom, you’ve ENGINEERED a ticking time bomb.

Selective Serotonin-Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI’s) and Serotonin Noradrenaline-Reuptake Inhibitors (SNRI’s) are two, but not the only, well documented medications known for increasing and even CREATING tendencies toward violence. The well respected and world renowned Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) documents the relationship between thirty-one school shootings, sixteen murder/suicide cases, and prescribed drugs. Twenty-two international warnings have been issued about the deadly side effects of these drugs including nine right here in the U.S.A., yet our representatives refuse to address these ACTUAL causes and implement preventative solutions in lieu of make believe feel good legislation.

If you ladies and gentlemen representing the people of the United States really want to PREVENT unnecessary murders and suicides it is time to stop expending energies and resources trying to blackball law abiding Americans and start addressing this very real and ACTUAL cause of violence.

Yes, there are other variables involved, but until you are willing to admit the fact that law abiding Americans are by far the least of the problem and you are ready to start looking for solutions that solve as opposed to solutions that feel good then what is the sense in continuing.

Thomas Maerling


Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR)

SSRI Stories

Psychiatric Meds: Prescription for Murder? Written by  Rebecca Terrell

Wall of Suppression: How a Politician Builds a Constituency

    Act I: The Innocent Quest

You have fallen on hard times and are forced to seek help. But, when a politician claims to want to help you – you need to be careful and deduce whether that help will actually solve your problem, prolong it, or progressively worsen it.

If a politician was actually helping you solve your problem you would be able to thank them, be on your way, and not have to return each month for more help.

When you need help paying a bill they do not hand you a solution and set you out on a path toward opportunity by which you are then able to resolve this problem.

Instead they hand you a check and tell you “don’t worry about your problem, just return next month and we’ll give you another”.

In reality, however, your problem is no more solved than the drunk that tries drinking his problems away. He feels good for the moment, but when he sobers the problem is still there and, more often than not, it has increased in size.

Well it works the same way with those checks; whereby each drink makes the drunk feel better, each check makes the recipient feel better. However, neither fix lasts.

    Act II: Building the Wall

Now let’s look at each of these checks as being equivalent to a brick. And you cashing that check is the equivalent of a brick layer laying another brick in a wall. With each check you cash your wall becomes higher.

Unlike the brick layer, who is building a wall of a new home, you are building a wall of suppression. This suppression is more of an unconscious voluntary suppression as opposed to one forced upon you by another. However, it certainly is welcomed and abetted by the politician providing this so called “help.”

It begins modest enough; those checks really seem to have solved the problem. But with each check cashed the wall of suppression is growing higher.

As the wall gets higher it becomes more difficult to see over it, then it becomes harder to hear beyond it. Once your vision and hearing are lost you can no longer keep track of what is happening on the other side.

What do you do now?

    Act III: The Wall Completed

You now turn to that same politician to keep you informed as to what is happening on the outside of the wall. You have become the politicians dream constituent. They are now your source for income inside the wall and for information outside of the wall.

If you should ask the pol. “how did this wall get here” they will reply that neither you nor they are to blame; “it is somebody else’s fault.” If you ask them how you get out or how you can knock it down, they will tell you “there is nothing you can do, just stay there; we’ll take care of it.”

Why would politicians do this? It is their survival tool; their means for staying employed.

How does your problem keep them employed?

They do not want to solve your problem, they want to prolong it. Prolong it, and feed it. It is feeding your dependency on them that keeps them busy, not ridding you of your problem. The never ending cycle which keeps you dependent on them is the cycle that gives them a reason to exist, a reason for their job to exist.

Tom Maerling

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