Letter to Proctor & Gamble for Sponsoring MSNBC hate speech



I’m writing today to on behalf of my family to inform you of our decision to no longer purchase any P & G products due to your sponsorship of the MSNBC News programs. We can no longer stand by while our family is denigrated by continuous repugnant insults and false accusations being slung at my wife and I and more importantly our children.

We raised three children to be tolerant of others and of others differing viewpoints. We proudly receive compliments from teachers and community members of how well mannered our children are. My family is caring and giving and since the oldest was a teen all three of our children have participated in fundraising for local projects and have donated their time and labor to such projects as building the community playground. Quite frankly as their parents we believe our children are pretty spectacular members of society.

But, because we believe differently than the people at MSNBC on how big of a role government should play in the lives of individuals and that government should rein in spending and live within budget like all the working families across this country we are consciously and falsely portrayed by MSNBC as intolerant racist bigots. The hateful incivility and slanderous name calling by MSNBC due to our political convictions can no longer be tolerated.

We can only assume at worse that P&G also feels our family is made up of a bunch of racist bigots or at best P&G simply thinks it is okay for MSNBC to denigrate our family as you seem content to sponsor their messaging with P&G brands product ads.

It is for this reason we will no longer be purchasing any P&G products until we are clearly convinced that you respect our family and appreciate the fact that we choose to make P&G a part of our family. The easiest way to convince us you appreciate our family’s patronage would be to publicly denounce the incivility at MSNBC and announce your decision to no longer support their messaging with your ads. However, of course, you have the right to react to my concerns however you see fit.

Our two oldest are now making lives of their own and have agreed to stand with us on this very important matter. Therefore, they too will discontinue purchasing P&G products.
Before we close, I want to stress this is not a light decision for us as via the attached photo you can see we enjoy quite a number of P&G products (plus others not pictured) and on a more personal note, I have used nothing but Crest toothpaste for as long as I can remember, my guess is at least 33 years, it is the only toothpaste in our home since my wife and I met (23yrs), and the mouths of my children -22,20,17yrs old- have never tasted a toothpaste other than Crest. It is also what we send out in the care packages for our Troops and recently to the victims of hurricane Sandy.

We will most certainly miss P&G products, but cannot possibly support you while you are supporting those that spew hate at us and falsely slander our family.

Sincerely and with regrets,
Thomas Maerling & Family

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