History has proven time and again gun-control laws do not reduce violent crime and registration leads to confiscation.

Dear not Deer

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Non-Compliance Day (NCD) is a day of protest via a boycott of commerce. It protests the fallacious reclassification and forced registration of firearms upon law abiding citizens as well as the implementation of laws which only empower the criminal element in society and puts law abiding families in greater danger.
NCD calls for Americans to stay home with their families on April 15th and not participate in commerce. Civil disobedience has never been easier.

Official NCD Press Release: Click Here
NCD Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/search/str/national%20non-compliance%20day/keywords_top
NCD YouTube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URYocLhkdEQ

I read a short thread on the AR15 forum where they were discussing Non-Compliance Day (NCD). Most posters said they would be participating, but a couple were wondering what sense it made or what good it would do.

These are my thoughts on NCD and why we should support it.

The Problem; Overreaching Government:
It is only by division of the people that the politician’s ever increasing control over the people is even possible. Nothing worries a politician and garners the attention of a politician more than a cohesive group of Americans that can organize as a single unit. If the politicians are not worried, they are not changing.

NCD creates a way for us to unite without having to travel to a central location. It opens the door for more people to join together than did the rallies in Albany and the repercussions will actually be felt by the politicians and felt across the state making it a more powerful tool than the rallies.  NCD makes civil disobedience as easy as it has ever been.

Best case scenario: If enough people understand their power and participate in NCD we could hurt the state financially and interrupt the daily flow of operations enough so that they would be forced to listen when we speak and they would change their ways.

Worst case scenario:  It is going to prove that you and I, that, WE, still care and that WE will not quit.
It will prove that we are not going to go about our daily business like good little sheep and accept tyranny.
It will prove that we refuse to allow our generation to be the first generation of Americans to leave their children in tyranny.
It will prove that we are uniting, we will make personal sacrifices, and we are going to fight until we defeat the enemies within.

4 Things to Consider:                                                                       

Criminal Control, Not Gun-Control

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  1. Success – We challenge and defeat the unSAFE Act.
  2. Failure – We challenge the unSAFE Act and lose.
  3. Empty Complaining – Talk about the tyranny taking place and do NOTHING to TRY and end it.
  4. Comply* – We be good servants and register our lawfully owned and operated firearms.

1.Obviously success is always our first choice for outcomes. How do we succeed? By uniting; by growing our numbers; by waking our friends, family, and neighbors; by becoming a pain in the rear end of everybody we know. We build these numbers until they are big enough that the politicians understand we are a threat to their jobs.

2.  Failure, without hesitation, should be our next desired outcome after success. Why failure? Simply put, because failure shows we are trying. If we’re neither, succeeding nor failing, then we’re not trying. Just to be clear, I am not saying to accept failure, I am saying recognize it as a fact that we have not given up or given in. So long as we fail until we succeed, we have nothing to be ashamed of.

3. Complaining is fine, because it’s a great way to vent, share information, and discuss ideas, BUT,,, complaining without ever taking any action, and worse, then disparaging others from taking action is no more acceptable than compliance, and for the same reasons.

4. The fact that compliance becomes confiscation and strips us of liberty is the least of the reasons not to comply. The main reason compliance is not an option is double sided. It stems from the fact that it is our duty to preserve and pass unto our children the liberties our veterans preserved and passed unto us.

  • On one side, compliance is pissing on the sacrifices and graves of our veterans who did their duty to pass liberty unto us.
  • On the other side, compliance is pissing on our children’s future because instead of doing our duty to pass liberty unto our children we are passing tyranny unto them.

*In special circumstances, like FFL’s et al., people have much different and greater risks, benefits, and losses than the average Joe and would be to all our benefit if they comply and stay in business.

If we all agree compliance and empty complaining is not an option then failure and success become the only two options we have and neither can be accomplished without trying something. Therefore, I will be standing with my brothers and sisters on NCD this April 15th and I will succeed or fail with them.

It’s worth repeating, that it’s only by division of the people that the politician’s ever increasing control over the people is even possible. Nothing worries a politician and garners the attention of a politician more than a cohesive group of Americans that can organize as a single unit. If the politicians are not worried, they are not changing.

The sooner we believe in ourselves, realize our combined power and unite instead of slinging mud at ideas and trying to convince others to NOT TRY, the sooner we will succeed. And if this particular idea doesn’t succeed then we will try another and another and another.

Who are we? What are we leaving our children?

Tyranny for Our Kids

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Just imagine who we would be today if our founders and forefathers had heard the British were coming and said:
“Forget it, we can’t beat them anyway.” – “It’s a waste of time.” – “There’s no sense in trying.” – “Let the next generation worry about liberty.” – “Let’s get out of here”

Now take a minute and draw a picture in your head of our forefathers going toe to toe with the British forces and then draw a second picture of them with their backs to the British running into their homes to hide
a picture of them already in their homes hiding and peaking out the window with trepidation waiting for the British to pass through town so they can go back outside.

Now ask yourself: As a whole, which of those pictures do the people of this country more closely resemble today?

PS. If anyone knows how to draw I would love to get an illustration depicting these two scenarios. No, I don’t have money to pay for it. It can be emailed to: tacttent@yahoo.com