Just a Theory – Murderous Minds

Get rid of Socialism as the main lesson in our Public Schools (of Socialist Indoctrination) and you will see the psychotic behavior decrease in our children.

Socialism in short is teaching our kids to be jealous of others and to react with anger.

Our kids are brainwashed into thinking they deserve what everyone else has and they shouldn’t have to work to get it.

They are brainwashed to believe those with “more” money and “more” material goods are evil and greedy for not sharing it with everyone else.

Then they are brainwashed to believe that members of society have the right to take what others have.

The problem with these Democrat-Socialist teachings(besides being horse shit on its face) is that in the undeveloped mind of our children it carries over into friendships and later in life professional relations.

Meaning? Kids see these other kids with friends, friends that they themselves don’t have and, for whatever the reason, lack the social skills to acquire. They then become jealous (as they’ve been taught) and they think they have the right to take those friendships away as per their Leftist training (brainwashing).

NO, I am not saying the Leftists train them to take things by killing others. But, the Left teaches jealousy is good, those with more are evil, you have a right to what others have, if they don’t share it voluntarily you can take it from them against their will.

All this in the undeveloped mind of children can and will be interpreted in a million different ways. In rare cases, minds like Nicholas Cruz, convince themselves death is the way.

AND the media needs to stop martyring these shooters because it only motivates the next loser to go out and make a name for himself.


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