Wash DC- May 25th-26th- 10 Million Gun Owner March – Rolling Thunder POW/MIA Rally

In Ulster County N.Y. GA2A.org, Federated Sportsmen’s Clubs of Ulster County, and Ulster County Friends of the Constitution are in the process of arranging buses for the May 25th (Memorial Day Weekend) 10 Million Gun Owner March on Washington and the May 26th the XXVI annual Rolling Thunder POW/MIA Rally

We think it’s time to take our 2nd Amendment fight to DC and put them on notice that we are no longer sleeping and no longer standing by quietly while they shred our Constitution that too many of our true heroes have sacrificed for.

Please let us know if you are interested in joining us and reserving a seat on the bus(es) ASAP as the amount of interest in the buses will determine if either 1 or both packages are viable options.  Email any questions or to let us know you are interseted DCBusInfo@yahoo.com.

The 1st package is a same day round trip:
The price is $65 round trip. We will leave 3am Saturday, May 25th arrive in D.C. at 9:00am for the 10 Million Gun Owner March and then leave D.C at 5pm and be back home around 11pm.

The 2nd Package is a round trip 1 night sleep-over: (room prices not yet included)
The price for this bus is $75 round trip. We leave Sat 3am., arrive in DC Sat. 9am stay at the rally until 5pm then head to the rooms. The following morning, Sun. 10am, we return to the Mall for the Rolling Thunder POW/MIA rally; stay until 3pm and then board the buses arriving back home around 9pm Sunday night.

Here is information on the 26th annual Rolling Thunder POW/MIA event we will be attending on day 2. We support the 2nd Amendment on day 1 and our Veterans on day 2. We can take America back. We just need to UNITE.

Seats can be reserved by Credit Card, Check, Money Order, or Cash. And as always you do not need to be a member of any of the clubs and you do not have to take our bus(es) to attend.
If we all speak to our respective clubs they may be willing to offset a percentage of the cost per ticket for their attending members.

*PLEASE TAKE NOTE* We do not yet have the room prices figured in for the overnight, but we will not be making making money on them so whatever the price is will be your cost added to the bus price. If you want one room for you and your family then you will pay the full room price. If you want to share a room with someone than you will split the room price.
You are welcome to make your own room arrangements, but we won’t be able to send the bus to different Hotels/Motels for pick-ups and drop-offs, so we just ask that you book your room in the same facility as us or nearby so we can all board the bus at one spot.


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