Capitol Rallys Across America; The Day After.

I think we did great in N.Y. in regards to the Jan. 19th Guns Across America Rally. I heard everywhere from 2k to 5k for attendance. I put it at 3k plus; encouraging to say the least. I also want to congratulate and thank our patriots that joined us in spirit at their own capitols.

This is by far the best I’ve felt about the fight to take back our country from the extremist left-wing democrats and the gutless turncoat republicans in quite some time.

We should be happy and we should be proud with what we did, but we should not be content. We all have to look at this as just the starting point. Everyone that attended this rally should plan to bring one person to the next event thereby doubling up on our efforts and our forces.

We must start saving now to make the trip. If we know people willing to attend, but can’t for financial reasons, lets jot their names down and see about setting up collection tins at our clubs. I will ask the Wawarsing Rod & Gun club to allow a jar to be set up from now until the Washington trip.

We are the new guard and we must not be the generation that leaves our children under the rule of tyranny. Nor should we leave them one step from it. We must not be the generation that squanders the sacrifices of our veterans.

We must consider these events mere buildups to the epic coming together of every State meeting as one in Washington D.C. But, this time we must join together before the tyrants vote to violate the Constitution. We cannot wait until after they vote to join forces against the Washington gun-grabbers like we did here in New York.

We must commit to pick up and march on Washington in a moment’s notice.  Have your bags packed and your car pool team set and ready in case on a Friday we learn they are voting on Monday, as I suspect we will.

I cannot predict the exact scenario, but I can guarantee in the not so distant future we will need to show our strength in numbers to the tyrants and the gutless of Washington. At least if we want to avoid the worst case scenario we will. 

Be ever vigilant and be prepared.

Tom Maerling


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