This Monday, January 14th 2013 Rally for 2nd Amendment in Albany NY

On Monday the 14th we will be rallying at the Albany Capitol building in support of the 2nd Amendment and against the tyrants trying to circumvent the Constitution.

The NRA-ILA had a warning up that the Albany tyrants (my words) were going to try and push Cuomo’s extremist and unconstitutional proposals through on Monday before we have a chance to react.

If you can, please take off from work for this one and bring letters with you. If anybody in the Ellenville thru Kingston areas cannot make the trip, but wants to write letters, I will pick them up along the way and deliver them.

I will be bringing my letters to hand deliver to the NYS senators and assembly members. It would be nice to put a stack of pro-2nd Amendment/ pro-gun letters on their desks. I am going to pick a bunch of pro-gun members and print as many as I can to them.

I just addressed it; Open Letter to All NYS Elected Officials, so I can just print the same letter. But address yours as you see fit and I will deliver it to the proper office.

In Washington DC they will only except hand delivered letters if they are not in envelopes, so I recommend not putting them in envelopes.

I will be there around 7:45 and protest outside until around 11 or 12 (play it by ear) then go inside to deliver letters.

Tom Maerling


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