me and Mike LoebbakaThis is the final copy of the letter I hand delivered to our state reps in Albany on Monday the 14th. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

To Members of the New York State Assembly,

I am quite disgusted that Governor Cuomo finds it necessary to spew lies about law abiding citizens, such as when he calls us “extremists”, simply because we ask that our 2nd Amendment rights be FULLY protected, and again when he calls our semi-automatic rifles “assault weapons” as part of his fear mongering propaganda game.

I swear to you these two things: My semi-automatic rifle has never assaulted any human being and I am not an extremist.

What I am, in fact, is one of over four million New York State firearm owners who are law abiding, taxpaying, voting, citizens. We law abiding citizens have committed no crimes and we have murdered no children, yet we are being subjected to punishment, penalty, and public persecution by a malicious governor and his minions as though we have.

I strongly urge you to take to the public airwaves and defend the innocence of me and my fellow law abiding citizens by denouncing the slander, the false terminologies, and the false promise of safety being spewed by the governor and his fellow gun grabbers.

I also strongly urge you not to impose any further restrictions, laws, or regulations on our 2nd Amendment Rights as granted by the Constitution of the United States. If you do agree to any of the governor’s 2nd Amendment restrictions you will not only be legitimizing his blatant lies you will be helping send the seventy-four million American children still alive down a path of tyranny, all the while doing nothing for the stated purpose of public safety.

The following are some things I would like to hear you tell the governor and his anti-gun team:

1. When the necessary number of United States Senators, House Representatives, and States vote to amend the Constitution of the United States then you will abide by the new amendment when proposing or agreeing to new legislation, but until then, you expect them to abide by the 2nd Amendment of the current Constitution and not bring any legislation forward that infringes on the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

2. Law abiding citizens registering firearms will do absolutely nothing to aid in deterring the criminals, gang bangers, and psychopaths, but it will absolutely add to the financial burdens of law abiding citizens and our families. Many of us are already struggling to overcome the hardships of this weak economy. So, please tell them you will ask law abiding citizens to register their firearms only AFTER the criminals are done registering theirs.

3. The same holds true for disarming law abiding citizens and or restricting their arms and or ammunition. Restricting law abiding citizen’s access, besides being unconstitutional, only strengthens the societal trash while making us and our families more vulnerable to violent crime. Your focus, and that of the governor, should be on them, not us.

4. If the governor and the president of the U.S. have the right to have their families protected by semi and or fully automatic rifles then surely they must agree we law abiding citizens have the same right to protect our families. Unless of course they think their families are more precious than ours.  I assure you, they are not.

I will repeat my request that you publicly stand up to these gun-grabbing tyrants and put an end to the illusions they are disseminating that we the law abiding citizens and our semi-automatic rifles are evil and or at fault for the acts of deranged individuals. I also ask that you publicly dispel the illusion that the right to “keep and bear arms” is based on the purpose of hunting, sporting, or for any reason other than ‘because we feel like it.’

PS. Kindly tell the governor to stop being so extreme and stop assaulting law abiding citizens.

With great concern,
Thomas Maerling


Open letter to all NYS elected officials.

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