Bank of America Tells American Gun Manufacturers to Take a Hike. Seizes Funds.

Please close your Bank of America accounts and be sure to tell them it is because they are anti 2nd Amendment. This is the second American firearms manufacturer that they have screwed with. (both links below)

Please Take control. We are one of the most powerful voting and consumer blocs in America, but we get walked all over because of our silence and some bullchit moto “from my cold dead hands.”

Well guess what they are ripping them from our warm live hands one finger at a time. Whether it is by rules and regulations or by artificial price increases or by the all new violence tax on ammo we are losing.

And if you think having your firearms in your possession is winning well that’s just more bullchit. The only thing I see as a win is that our children have the same “right to keep and bear arms” that we do (if not more).

-Saying “I still have my guns,” but knowing you have to hide them or parts of them, magazines for instance, is not a win.

-Having to register all long guns; not a win. Having to register and pay to do so; a double loss.

-Tax per bullet; not a win.

-Recertify every year or 2, or 3; not a win.

This is all just part of the incremental (finger by finger) gun grab. And this is why we are failures to our children. So either you are writing and phoning congress on a DAILY basis or you are starting RWII. If you are not doing 1 of the 2 you are nothing but talk and you are failing your (OUR) children.

So start with a nice simple call to BoA and then start phoning and or writing all (not just your’s) pro 2A congress-people. We will not change the minds of the commie/liberals, but we must let our pro 2A congress-people know we are here for them. They have to know they are fighting for a reason or else they will just fold.

Just like the home team at any sporting event counts on the crowd for inspiration and passion so do our congress-people. Call and support; until they know your voice if possible.

Please, lets give up our independent streaks and work as a team until we get this mess of a country straightened out. Choose your most fearless leader of any group of men, no matter who, be they dead or alive, and they will or would have told you United We Stand Divided We Fall.

With 80 million gun owners in this country there is only one reason we are having a gun-control conversation. It is because we are too damn quiet. This conversation would be over tomorrow if just 10% of us made calls tomorrow, probably even 5% or if 2% marched on Washington.!/permalink.php?story_fbid=10151384274052790&id=67153142789


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