Capitol Rallys Across America; The Day After.

I think we did great in N.Y. in regards to the Jan. 19th Guns Across America Rally. I heard everywhere from 2k to 5k for attendance. I put it at 3k plus; encouraging to say the least. I also want to congratulate and thank our patriots that joined us in spirit at their own capitols.

This is by far the best I’ve felt about the fight to take back our country from the extremist left-wing democrats and the gutless turncoat republicans in quite some time.

We should be happy and we should be proud with what we did, but we should not be content. We all have to look at this as just the starting point. Everyone that attended this rally should plan to bring one person to the next event thereby doubling up on our efforts and our forces.

We must start saving now to make the trip. If we know people willing to attend, but can’t for financial reasons, lets jot their names down and see about setting up collection tins at our clubs. I will ask the Wawarsing Rod & Gun club to allow a jar to be set up from now until the Washington trip.

We are the new guard and we must not be the generation that leaves our children under the rule of tyranny. Nor should we leave them one step from it. We must not be the generation that squanders the sacrifices of our veterans.

We must consider these events mere buildups to the epic coming together of every State meeting as one in Washington D.C. But, this time we must join together before the tyrants vote to violate the Constitution. We cannot wait until after they vote to join forces against the Washington gun-grabbers like we did here in New York.

We must commit to pick up and march on Washington in a moment’s notice.  Have your bags packed and your car pool team set and ready in case on a Friday we learn they are voting on Monday, as I suspect we will.

I cannot predict the exact scenario, but I can guarantee in the not so distant future we will need to show our strength in numbers to the tyrants and the gutless of Washington. At least if we want to avoid the worst case scenario we will. 

Be ever vigilant and be prepared.

Tom Maerling



I made this from past grades given by,, and NY Senate website. I wanted to concentrate my efforts on pro-2A members to encourage them to hold strong and true to the 2nd Amendment.

I think it is important to rally behind the pro-2A members rather than waste time trying to convince the antis to change their mind. The antis know they are violating the Constitution and just don’t care, so no sense in wasting time with them.

You can click on the members names to go directly to their contact pages for faxes and emails and such.





Capitol #
District #


Kenneth P.   LaValle (R)



(518) 455-3121
(631) 473-1461


John J. Flanagan   (R)





Lee M. Zeldin   (R)





Carl L. Marcellino (R)



(518) 455-2390
(516) 922-1811


Kemp Hannon   (R)





Charles   J. Fuschillo, Jr. (R)





Dean G. Skelos   (R)



(518) 455-3171
(516) 766-8383


Martin J.   Golden (R)



(518) 455-2730
(718) 238-6044


Andrew J. Lanza   (R)



(518) 455-3215
(718) 984-4073


William J. Larkin, Jr. (R)



(518) 455-2770
(845) 567-1270


Greg Ball (R)



(518) 455-3111
(845) 279-3773


John J. Bonacic   (R)



(518) 455-3181
(845) 344-3311


Kathleen A Marchione (R/C)



(518) 455-2381


Elizabeth OC. Little (R)



(518) 455-2811
(518) 743-0968






Joseph A. Griffo   (R)



(518) 455-3334
(315) 793-9072


Patricia A. Ritchie (R)





John A. DeFrancisco (R)



(518) 455-3511
(315) 428-7632


James L. Seward   (R)

A  A*


518) 455-3131
(607) 432-5524


Thomas W. Libous   (R)



(518) 455-2677
(877) 854-2687


David J Valesky (D)





Michael F. Nozzolio (R)



(518) 455-2366
(315) 568-9816


Joseph E. Robach (R)



(518) 455-2909
(585) 225-3650


Catharine M. Young (R)



(518) 455-3563
(716) 372-4901


Thomas F. OMara   (R)





Patrick M. Gallivan (R)





Mark J. Grisanti   (R)

A  B*




Michael H. Ranzenhofer (R)



(518) 455-3161
(716) 631-8695


George  Maziarz (R)

A  A*


(518) 455-2024
(716) 434-0680


Philip M Boyle   (R)


(518) 455-3411
(631) 669-9200


Jack M. Martins   (R)




Hugh T Farley (R)


(518) 455-2181
(518) 843-2188


James Sanders (D)




Tony Avella (D)




Velmanette Montgomery (D




Brad Hoylman (D)




George S Latimer (D)




David S. Carlucci (D)




Terry Gipson (D)




Ted O’Brien (D)




Timothy Kennedy (D)

D  B*


Michael N. Gianaris (D)





*Jose R. Peralta (D)





*Malcolm A. Smith (D)





*Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. (D)





*Toby Ann Stavisky (D)





Simcha Felder (D)



*Martin Malave Dilan (D)





*John L. Sampson (D)





*Eric Adams (D)





*Kevin S. Parker (D)





*Diane J. Savino (D)





*Daniel L. Squadron (D)





*Liz Krueger (D)





Jose M Serrano (D)





*Bill Perkins (D)





Adriano Espaillat (D)





*Ruben Diaz (D)





J. Gustavo Rivera (D)





*Jeffrey D. Klein (D)





*Andrea Stewart-Cousins (D)





*Ruth H. Thompson (D)





Neil D. Breslin (D)




This Monday, January 14th 2013 Rally for 2nd Amendment in Albany NY

On Monday the 14th we will be rallying at the Albany Capitol building in support of the 2nd Amendment and against the tyrants trying to circumvent the Constitution.

The NRA-ILA had a warning up that the Albany tyrants (my words) were going to try and push Cuomo’s extremist and unconstitutional proposals through on Monday before we have a chance to react.

If you can, please take off from work for this one and bring letters with you. If anybody in the Ellenville thru Kingston areas cannot make the trip, but wants to write letters, I will pick them up along the way and deliver them.

I will be bringing my letters to hand deliver to the NYS senators and assembly members. It would be nice to put a stack of pro-2nd Amendment/ pro-gun letters on their desks. I am going to pick a bunch of pro-gun members and print as many as I can to them.

I just addressed it; Open Letter to All NYS Elected Officials, so I can just print the same letter. But address yours as you see fit and I will deliver it to the proper office.

In Washington DC they will only except hand delivered letters if they are not in envelopes, so I recommend not putting them in envelopes.

I will be there around 7:45 and protest outside until around 11 or 12 (play it by ear) then go inside to deliver letters.

Tom Maerling

Open letter to all NYS elected officials.

me and Mike LoebbakaThis is the final copy of the letter I hand delivered to our state reps in Albany on Monday the 14th. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

To Members of the New York State Assembly,

I am quite disgusted that Governor Cuomo finds it necessary to spew lies about law abiding citizens, such as when he calls us “extremists”, simply because we ask that our 2nd Amendment rights be FULLY protected, and again when he calls our semi-automatic rifles “assault weapons” as part of his fear mongering propaganda game.

I swear to you these two things: My semi-automatic rifle has never assaulted any human being and I am not an extremist.

What I am, in fact, is one of over four million New York State firearm owners who are law abiding, taxpaying, voting, citizens. We law abiding citizens have committed no crimes and we have murdered no children, yet we are being subjected to punishment, penalty, and public persecution by a malicious governor and his minions as though we have.

I strongly urge you to take to the public airwaves and defend the innocence of me and my fellow law abiding citizens by denouncing the slander, the false terminologies, and the false promise of safety being spewed by the governor and his fellow gun grabbers.

I also strongly urge you not to impose any further restrictions, laws, or regulations on our 2nd Amendment Rights as granted by the Constitution of the United States. If you do agree to any of the governor’s 2nd Amendment restrictions you will not only be legitimizing his blatant lies you will be helping send the seventy-four million American children still alive down a path of tyranny, all the while doing nothing for the stated purpose of public safety.

The following are some things I would like to hear you tell the governor and his anti-gun team:

1. When the necessary number of United States Senators, House Representatives, and States vote to amend the Constitution of the United States then you will abide by the new amendment when proposing or agreeing to new legislation, but until then, you expect them to abide by the 2nd Amendment of the current Constitution and not bring any legislation forward that infringes on the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

2. Law abiding citizens registering firearms will do absolutely nothing to aid in deterring the criminals, gang bangers, and psychopaths, but it will absolutely add to the financial burdens of law abiding citizens and our families. Many of us are already struggling to overcome the hardships of this weak economy. So, please tell them you will ask law abiding citizens to register their firearms only AFTER the criminals are done registering theirs.

3. The same holds true for disarming law abiding citizens and or restricting their arms and or ammunition. Restricting law abiding citizen’s access, besides being unconstitutional, only strengthens the societal trash while making us and our families more vulnerable to violent crime. Your focus, and that of the governor, should be on them, not us.

4. If the governor and the president of the U.S. have the right to have their families protected by semi and or fully automatic rifles then surely they must agree we law abiding citizens have the same right to protect our families. Unless of course they think their families are more precious than ours.  I assure you, they are not.

I will repeat my request that you publicly stand up to these gun-grabbing tyrants and put an end to the illusions they are disseminating that we the law abiding citizens and our semi-automatic rifles are evil and or at fault for the acts of deranged individuals. I also ask that you publicly dispel the illusion that the right to “keep and bear arms” is based on the purpose of hunting, sporting, or for any reason other than ‘because we feel like it.’

PS. Kindly tell the governor to stop being so extreme and stop assaulting law abiding citizens.

With great concern,
Thomas Maerling

Bank of America Tells American Gun Manufacturers to Take a Hike. Seizes Funds.

Please close your Bank of America accounts and be sure to tell them it is because they are anti 2nd Amendment. This is the second American firearms manufacturer that they have screwed with. (both links below)

Please Take control. We are one of the most powerful voting and consumer blocs in America, but we get walked all over because of our silence and some bullchit moto “from my cold dead hands.”

Well guess what they are ripping them from our warm live hands one finger at a time. Whether it is by rules and regulations or by artificial price increases or by the all new violence tax on ammo we are losing.

And if you think having your firearms in your possession is winning well that’s just more bullchit. The only thing I see as a win is that our children have the same “right to keep and bear arms” that we do (if not more).

-Saying “I still have my guns,” but knowing you have to hide them or parts of them, magazines for instance, is not a win.

-Having to register all long guns; not a win. Having to register and pay to do so; a double loss.

-Tax per bullet; not a win.

-Recertify every year or 2, or 3; not a win.

This is all just part of the incremental (finger by finger) gun grab. And this is why we are failures to our children. So either you are writing and phoning congress on a DAILY basis or you are starting RWII. If you are not doing 1 of the 2 you are nothing but talk and you are failing your (OUR) children.

So start with a nice simple call to BoA and then start phoning and or writing all (not just your’s) pro 2A congress-people. We will not change the minds of the commie/liberals, but we must let our pro 2A congress-people know we are here for them. They have to know they are fighting for a reason or else they will just fold.

Just like the home team at any sporting event counts on the crowd for inspiration and passion so do our congress-people. Call and support; until they know your voice if possible.

Please, lets give up our independent streaks and work as a team until we get this mess of a country straightened out. Choose your most fearless leader of any group of men, no matter who, be they dead or alive, and they will or would have told you United We Stand Divided We Fall.

With 80 million gun owners in this country there is only one reason we are having a gun-control conversation. It is because we are too damn quiet. This conversation would be over tomorrow if just 10% of us made calls tomorrow, probably even 5% or if 2% marched on Washington.!/permalink.php?story_fbid=10151384274052790&id=67153142789

Back from Jan 3rd Washington DC (solo) Demonstration

Back from Washington two o’clock this morning. I stood outside the Longworth House yesterday, Jan. 3rd, with my sign until about 12:45pm when the lines started dying down. Longworth is one of the buildings where the House of Representatives have their offices.DSC_3166

Good news was that there were tons of people, and long lines, in Washington for the swearing in of the new members so my signs got plenty of attention.  The bad news and sad news is nobody else showed up to demonstrate so I’m sure I looked pretty weak, number wise. But personally I felt pretty damn good standing up to the tyrants. Anti-gun ban sign

After I left the Longworth House I headed over to the Senate side of the Capitol to hand deliver my letter to the Senators. I only got to print out thirteen before I left for Wasington DC. They were two pages (legal size) long and my printer wasn’t working right, so I had to print on best quality to make it all legible and it took forever. Anyway I delivered them to eleven republicans and two democrats.

The democrats were Joe Manchin and Dianne Feinstein.

The republicans were: Kelly Ayotte,  John Barrasso, Tom Coburn,  Micheal Enzi, Lindsey Graham, Chuck Grassley, Joe Hoeven, John McCain, Mitch McConnel, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio.

To tell you the truth, I hesitated (yes, from fear of retaliation) for awhile outside of Feinstein’s office because it is pretty obvious the letter was about her and her proposal. But then I started thinking about the Jefferson quote: “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” And I’ve been preaching to people lately about speaking without fear, so there was no way I could back off now. It would’ve been too big a setback and way too hypocritical.

Because none of the Senators were available, (it was swearing in day) when I handed in the letter in I asked each of their staff (except Feinstein) if they knew how the Senator felt about Feinstein’s ban proposal; specifically the part limiting magazine capacity and banning semis.

They all (except Graham) basically said the Senator defends the 2nd Amendment, but as of now has no official statement on the specifics of Feinstein’s proposal. McConnel’s office added that without an actual bill being submitted he doesn’t know what’s in it to respond to. Graham’s office said he already appeared on Piers Morgan and said they have to amend the Constitution if they want change the 2nd Amendment.

So in the end I didn’t save America, and I never will without your help, but I sure as hell am more proud of myself today than yesterday.

*NOTE* I didn’t take notes, so I am only paraphrasing Senate staff members.

Tom Maerling

Tyranny In The Halls, An Open Letter to Congress

To the peoples 113th Congress,

When twenty American children are murdered by a madman in a schoolhouse it is tragic and it needs to be prevented from happening again. When seventy-four million American children are having their Constitutional rights duplicitously stripped by congress it is not only tragic it is tyranny, and it needs to be stopped from happening in the first place.

Today our children are in greater danger from tyranny than they are from school shootings.

If either you or your colleagues feel so strongly that the 2nd Amendment is the cause of the Newtown murders then you should do everything in your power to AMEND the Constitution so it reads as you see fit. If you do this then the citizenry of this country must comply by the words of the new Amendment to the Constitution.

If instead you pretend that there is no Constitution and submit to the people a law which is in violation of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution, then the citizenry must ignore the words of your new law because those words of law are in fact unconstitutional and baseless.

It is the words of the Constitution of the United States which “we the people” are first responsible to. Any words written thereafter are merely those of guidance, and if that guidance takes us outside of the restraints of the Constitution then we the people are to ignore such guidance.

Just as we will not be guided to bathe our children in boiling water, or be guided to have our children cared for by pedophiles, we will also not be guided to disarm our children and leave them, at best exposed to the criminal element from the street, and at worst leave them exposed to the tyrants that are creeping into our governing houses of congress.

You will notice a tyrant’s discussion of the Constitution will consist of inserting words and or meanings into the 2nd Amendment that by no means exist. This will be done by insinuating our 2nd Amendment right is limited by the quantity or the grade of arms. Or they are inclined to insinuate our 2nd Amendment is limited to hunting and or sporting arms. However, the Constitution, and the 2nd Amendment thereof, does not say, nor insinuates, any of those things.

In fact, the above acts are the tyrant’s duplicitous incremental dismantling of the Constitution and it is no more legal or enforceable than would be a United States Senator telling the American people that congress is simply no longer obliged to abide by the Constitution.

You will also notice a tyrant’s discussion will consist of the blissful ignorance of the words which the 2nd Amendment actually does contain. These words, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED, are truly an oppressive and irksome road block to the want-to-be tyrant and his or her plans to oppress and repress the citizenry.

The gun-grab tyrants often like to remind people that the arms the framers of the Constitution were talking about keeping and bearing were muskets. This duplicitous introduction of muskets into the argument is baseless. If the framers wanted to limit the citizens right to keep and bear arms to a certain grade it would at the least be recorded in the many pages of historical documents and or personal writings, if not in the Constitution itself.

However what is recorded in the many pages of historical documents and or personal writings is the framers wariness of man’s desire for power and dominance over his/her fellow man and their many warnings to their future citizens to be ever vigilant of their government.

It is therefore more than reasonable to expect the framers mindset, when penning the Constitution, was one in which their desired outcome was to ensure the American people were armed with the capability of protecting their unalienable rights from being usurped by future governments by whatever means or grade of arms available; not limited by muskets.

Should you experience this duplicitous argument of muskets please remind your colleagues that muskets were also what the tyrannical British government possessed when the framers penned the Constitution. It should therefore be noted that the framers felt the citizenry should keep and bear arms equal to that of which government possessed/es; thereby ensuring the citizenry has the capability to carry out that which “is their right, [and which]it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security” (That’s from one of those historical documents I mentioned earlier; see the Declaration of Independence.)

So the omission of grade, type, and or quantity of arms to be kept and beared by the people is not based on our framers knowledge of arms being limited to muskets. Rather, I submit, it is based on the framers extraordinary wisdom in realizing that limiting the citizenry, at any given time, to arms of such an inferior capability to that of which government possesses would be just as dangerous as not recognizing, at all, the people’s right to keep and bear arms.

You see Sir/Madam, the framers of the Constitution were also wise enough to know that the risk of tyranny rearing its ugly head in these United States did not end with the defeat of the British.

If you wish to prohibit and or confiscate arms from the American citizenry without violating the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution you may do so by amending the Constitution as described in Article 5 of the United States Constitution.  Simply ignoring and circumventing the 2nd Amendment would be tyranny and shows exactly how wise and prophetic the founding fathers were in wanting to ensure the American citizenry should always keep and bear arms.

“Certainly, one of the chief guarantees of freedom under any government, no matter how popular and respected, is the right of the citizen to keep and bear arms. … The right of the citizen to bear arms is just one guarantee against arbitrary government, one more safeguard against the tyranny which now appears remote in America but which historically has proven to be always possible.” — Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey


“That the said Constitution shall never be construed to authorize Congress to infringe the just liberty of the press or the rights of conscience or to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms” — Samuel Adams


“This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration! Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future.” —Adolf Hitler


“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed”. — 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution.


“You amend it, we will abide by it. – You ignore it, we will die by it.” — We the people of the United States of America in defense of the 2nd Amendment.

With great concern,
Thomas Maerling