Letter To Senator Tom Coburn Asking him to Protect 2nd Amendment

Good day Sir,

First, thank you for your time.

My name is Tom Maerling and I am writing to ask you to please see to it that our 2nd Amendment is not allowed to be circumvented or ignored when congress resumes.

I am truly amazed that any Senator could or would mention confiscation of firearms from the American people. The talk of banning over 120 firearms is no less extraordinary and disgusting.

For the first time in my life I feel like I am lying to my 3 boys when I tell them we live in the greatest country on Earth. It seems to me that we are governed by tyrants. The total lack of respect, and even the overwhelming lack of will to acknowledge our Constitution even exists when making governing proposals, is absolutely surreal.

Please tell me you believe the American people are governed by the United States Constitution and that you know for a fact that our congress-people are restrained from making governing laws which violate our Constitution.

Please tell me also that you will put your job on the line to defend the Constitution from the tyrants in congress that you work side by side with.

And let me ask you to stop being polite and or civil to those representatives of the American people that would even suggest a gun grab in the United States of America. I know it is supposed to be ‘uncivil’ to call your fellow Senators names, but when in fact that name is true and accurate, it is not uncivil. When being civil, for the sake of being civil, creates a greater danger to the citizenry than it does a courtesy to the recipient then it is time to put truth and accuracy above civility.

Civility that allows for the bolder talk of tyranny to spew from a tyrant’s mouth and an increased abuse of office may be civil between you and your colleague, but it is uncivil to the American citizenry. I believe it is your duty to call these people out for what they are.

It is time to put the shame back on the people that want to defile our Constitution and celebrate those that wish to defend it. To be clear Sir, when a United States Senator speaks of confiscating or mandating buy-backs of the American citizenry’s firearms then that U.S. Senator is defiling the U.S. Constitution.  Any Senator of the United States of America that would defile the Constitution in order to strip the American citizenry of their right to keep and bear arms ‘without infringement’ is indeed a tyrant.

If our founding fathers were with you today Sir, I am certain they would tell you that a U.S. Senator speaking about confiscation or mandated buy-backs of the American citizenry’s firearms is exactly why the American citizenry needs not only semi-automatic weapons but fully automatic weapons.

The only deal you should cut with these tyrants when it comes to our 2nd Amendment is this: If they get the votes to amend the Constitution then you will abide by the new amendment when proposing new legislation, but until then, you expect them to abide by the current Constitution and not bring any legislation forward that infringes on the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

In the end I hope this is just a ploy by President Obama to stimulate the economy via a run on guns. If it is, give him congratulations from me. If it isn’t, I hope you can do something to convince me I am not lying to my children.

PS. Senator-elect Ted Cruz has a great petition on his website that I would love to see on your site as well as other congress-people.  http://www.tedcruz.org/blog/2012/12/29/stand-together-to-protect-our-second-amendment-rights/

With great concern,
Thomas Maerling

If any readers wish to send a copy of this letter, or parts thereof, to any U.S. Elected official with your own signature, you are most welcome to do so.


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