Jan 3rd 2013 Pro 2nd Amendment Demonstration in Washington DC

Jan 3rd 2013 Pro 2nd Amendment Demonstration in Washington DC

I have one question. Are any of the people sitting around crying about not being able to buy semis or about the tyrants suggesting confiscation ready to march on Washington or even their own State Capitols?

All I see happening is a bunch of people whining about what firearms they’ll no longer be able to buy. And then there are the ones like me who RT, repost, share, RT, repost share, RT, repost, share. Well it’s just not enough for me anymore. I’m sick of my inaction and I’m sick of all the whining.

In March of 2012 I said to hell with my fears and gave my first ever public speech and it contained this sample of what I predict will be a -future- letter from our soldiers.

A letter from a soldier…….“why father, why brother, why my mother and sister did you sleep at home, while we fought abroad? Why did you allow the shredding of our Declaration and Constitution from within, while we so dearly protected you & it from abroad?”

In other words folks if we do not get off our rear-ends and do something this is the type of letters that families will receive from their beloved troops serving abroad. The same troops, and their families, that we are letting down by sitting idle while these tyrants in congress are spitting all over the Constitution. And when they’re not spitting on it then they are shredding it or ignoring it, like it doesn’t even exist.

If you and I claim to have any respect and or appreciation for our troops, our veterans, and love for our children then we will march.   I’m going on January 3rd when the new congress is seated. There is supposed to be a march on the 21st, but that is too far off and not about the 2nd Amendment.

I would prefer to go and be lost in a sea of my fellow Americans, but I will go and look like a jackass standing all alone if that is the case; I know longer care. I just know I am sick of myself for not taking any actions against these tyrants.


For those of you talking crap about let them come and try it. Well that is asinine. Because when they send a dozen troops to knock in your door you are beat.  (See Katrina gun confiscation & see the 2,700 MRAP’s bought by the Dept. Homeland Security)

So If you want to win this then let’s get together en masse and show the politicians what the 2nd Amendment voting bloc looks like. Let’s show up like the Communist/Liberals in bus loads and see if we can put some constitutional spine back in our politicians.

If in the end we need to take another path to replace the tyrants with a new guard, as the Declaration of Independence says is our right and our DUTY, then so be it. If the word “confiscation” coming from our politicians mouths isn’t tyranny than I don’t know what it is.

If our 2nd Amendment isn’t worth a few days off than I don’t know what is?  I’m going for a peaceful demonstration on Thurs. Jan 3rd, I’ll see you there, or not.

I advise you to stop sitting around and pretending like this isn’t happening because it is. I also advise you to stop letting them silence you. I am leaving this world knowing I did everything I could to pass freedom on to our children. For me to do that it will require more than social networking.

Tom Maerling


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