Protecting Our Schools, Our Children, and Our Constitution

Here is a plan  I was working on for protecting the schools, the children, and
the Constitution. I believe it’s possible to be done with volunteers.

All volunteers should be from community if possible.

NO Uniforms – Environment must stay as natural as possible -NO Uniforms.

Community volunteers on the inside of building should have conceal carry permits (CCP)

Community volunteers on the outside, CCP optional.

Anyone w/out CCP can be the eyes and ears, warning CCP volunteers on the inside and phoning local police of approaching threat.

Community members with children enrolled in the school will be given first consideration for volunteering.

If the proper outside watch is installed no incident should ever make it to the interior of a school.

Background checks on volunteers to include domestic abuse, child abuse, child molestation, etc.
Some level of certification may be warranted. Something for response training?

Also fire drill type preparedness drills in school. (I have to find the article and credit the person for fire drill idea)

This is all in addition to permitting teachers to CC in school if they choose.
If enough teachers participate we may not need additional volunteers.

Perhaps wall mounted lock boxes (lock boxes out of sight) can be used once the teacher enters class or locked closets so as the gun is not left in unattended pocketbooks or desk draws.
Locks should not affect reaction time as outside volunteers should be able to forewarn
well in advance.

Feel free to add, correct, and or point out any holes in this plan as this is not my specialty; just my opinion of the direction to go.
Any criticism that benefits the kids and the constitution is more than welcome.

Just a thought.
Tom M


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