Request for signatures to stop anti-2nd Amendment politicians.

Remind your congressmen that the 2nd Amendment is not on the table for their self serving feel-good negotiating games.
Can we please sign and share these 3 petitions? We should overwhelm the reactionists in Congress before they begin their quest to further shred the Constitution.

Sign Petition1: Ensure the 2nd Amendment cant be infringed in anyway limiting citizens ability to defend against tyrannical governments.

Sign Petition2: A gun in every classroom. Arm every teacher and principal to defend themselves and their students during an attack.

Sign Petition3: We ask President Obama to support law abiding gun owners in this time of tragedy.

Don’t just sign and or Like the petition. Please share and tweet.

Please do not neglect to sign out of fear of this White House putting your name on their ‘watch list’.   If you do have any fear, even the fear of people/friends/family associating you with extremists because they misunderstand your well founded passion on this matter, you must ignore it and push this issue.

There are many thoughts to help me bury my fear:

-The fact that our sacrifice to keep freedom is nothing compared to the men/women and literally children of the Revolutionary War who sacrificed life/limb/family for us to have our freedoms.

– We owe it to the men & women serving overseas today to protect our Constitution and liberties from within our borders as they protect them from outside our borders.

– I’m embarrassed and ashamed of myself when explaining to my kids why the Communist/Liberals, who we know are destroying our kids country/future continuously make us look non-existent when it comes to marching on, petitioning, persuading our politicians.

– If we do not secure these freedoms for our children then we are a disgrace. And more importantly if we do not have the courage and strength to do this now, PROACTIVELY, then where are we going to find the greater courage and strength necessary to do what will need to be done REACTIVELY.

Those are some of the reasons I no longer fear and refuse to stop speaking my mind. Those are the reasons I am in my 2nd week of no NFL. And those are the reasons why I told my sister inlaw (who I truly love) to go back to her sandbox and reinsert her head after she told me I need to give it a rest. But, I also explained to her it is not I who need to give it a rest it is she and those like her who need to stop resting.

And as for you tough guys and gals that think they are going to have to “pry them from your cold dead hands” you better take another look because they are prying your warm fingers one by one from your guns. And even if our generation slips by with our hands still on our guns, what are we doing to make sure our kids enjoy the same freedoms of having their fingers secured around their guns?

You can hate the Left because of their anti-gun actions, but you better hate yourself more because of your inactions.

In no way should you think I am writing this because I feel I am better than any of you. Like I said I am ashamed of myself. I am writing this because I need your help to give my kids, and their kids, a chance at living in the Amreica we grew up in. And as far as N.Y. is concerned, more free than the one I grew up in.

Thanks for helping, Tom Maerling and family

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