Sample Letter

To whom it may concern,

We would like to inform you that due to your sponsorship of ABC News we will no longer be purchasing any of your products. Just so you know at present and at any given time we have approximately 7 of your products our home. (list the 7 product) Also there are another 12 products from your company which we presently purchase on an intermittent basis. (list again)

My wife, my three children, and I enjoy these products so it is with regret that we take this measure. However, if you decide to remove your sponsoring ads from ABC News we will glady resume our purchasing relationship with your company.

We do not know if you are aware, but ABC News has consciously decided to aid the current administration in it’s cover-up of the events that unfolded in Benghazi on Sept. 11th, 2012. These events led to the death of four U.S. citizens, two of which were Navy SEALs calling for backup the day of the attack and one an Ambassador representing the U.S. who forewarned of the need for and requested additional security only to be refused his request.

It is is my belief that the people of the United States of America are better served when our news agencies work to inform them of the corruption within our government and not aid in the cover-up. We believe it is the duty of the news agencies to question our government on why they refused to aid our citizens abroad and more importantly why the request for security was refused.

So until ABC News decides to commit to serving the citizens of this country and fully report the events of Sept. 11th as opposed to serving the government by letting this matter fade without questions or until you drop your sponsorship of ABC News we will no longer be able to purchase any of your great products.

In addition, we will be notifying our friends and family of this matter and asking them to also drop your products until this matter is resolved either by you or ABC News.

We are in possession of list containing more than 60 of your products which we will scratch off our shopping list.


Tom Maerling


One thought on “Sample Letter

  1. I need to print out the example letter to sponsors like Maerling letter. Excellent targeting! I get sick when I see the Obama controlled media.


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